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start a company in spain
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Below you can find the requirements to start a company in Spain whether you are European or not

You can see it is a meticulous and complicated task, it is very easy to make mistakes, therefore we recommend hiring a specialized lawyer in this field


Requirements to start a company if you are not a citizen or resident

You can see it is a meticulous and complicated task, it is very easy to make mistakes, therefore we recommend hiring a specialized lawyer in this field

  • Be a legal resident in Spain

  • The idea for the company has to have the ability to create jobs and be of economic interest for Spain

  • Be of legal age

  • Have no criminal record in the last five years

  • Not to be listed as "rejectable" in Spain or in any country with which it has agreements

  • Need to have health insurance in Spain

  • Prove that you have sufficient resources for your food and accommodation, as well as having the necessary investment to start operatin

  • Have the required training and experience for the project

  • Comply with the current regulations of the necessary opening requirements, depending on the type of business

company in spain

Requirements to start a company in Spain if your are not a citizen of a country within the EU

If you are an alien and do NOT belong to the European Union you need an entrepreneur visa and a residence permit for entrepreneurs

  • The first thing is to open a bank account in Spain

  • Have a report of interest of the entrepreneurial activity and a business plan. In addition to proving the interest of the project for the Spanish economy, it will be indicated whether the project is viable or not

  • Submit the application form in official form (EX-07) in duplicate, duly completed and signed

  • Register with the Treasury and register the company in the Mercantile Registry

  • In cases where the business is a retail trade, and needs commercial area equal to or less than 300 square meters, the corresponding tax must be paid, as well as the declaration of responsibility

  • In the rest of the activities it is mandatory to certify the licenses required for the development of the activity, indicating the necessary procedures and certifications

  • Present a valid passport

  • Pay residence and work fees. These will accrue at the time of admission to processing of the application, and must be paid within ten working days


As you may have discovered it is a very complicated job and easy to make a mistake, so from Legify we strongly recommend hiring a Lawyer who is an expert in the field.

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